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Как выучить английский язык урок 9

OK, Let's review.

  • You need to study every day, even if it's just a little.
  • You need to review what you've learned.
  • You shouldn't learn vocabulary lists and grammar rules. Instead, you should memorize natural sentences.
  • You need a wide variety of sentences, and they need to be natural.
  • You can memorize sentences faster by listening to them, having an emotional connection to them, and repeating them piece by piece.
  • You should listen carefully to the sounds of English sentences, not just the words.

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A few more thoughts to finish up:

  • Be patient with yourself! Learning a language takes hundreds of hours of practice. Mastering it takes years.
  • Be brave. Take any opportunities you can find to use English in your life. Don't worry about making mistakes or sounding silly.
  • Let me know if you have any questions about how to use PhraseMix to learn English! Just respond to this email.
  • I'll contact you again from time to time with new announcements, updates, and ideas about learning English.

Thanks for reading!
E4S founder