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Как выучить английский язык урок 5

In this lesson I told you not to study vocabulary or grammar.
So you may be wondering, what should you study?
In my opinion, the best way to become more fluent in English is to...

Memorize sentences.

Take a natural English sentence that you understand pretty well. Let's try this sentence, which you say when you hear a song that's easy to remember:

“It's pretty catchy.”

Repeat it again and again until you remember it. Wait a little while, then try to remember it again. Do the same thing for the next two days.

After you do all of that, you will have memorized that sentence. Now the fun part begins!

As you use English in different situations, you'll start to hear parts of that sentence. You'll hear the word "catchy". You'll hear "pretty (something)".

And if you ever find yourself listening to a simple, easy-to-remember song, you'll know exactly what to say!
Sentences teach you both vocabulary and grammar at the same time. You learn what the words mean, as well as how to use them. But to get the biggest benefit, you have to not just understand the sentences; you have to remember them!

If you want to try memorizing sentences, english4success.ru Premium makes it easy. I built an audio player which keeps track of which sentences you've listened to. It reminds you to review sentences that you've listened to recently, so you'll remember for a lot longer.

OK, I've explained why you should memorize sentences. But how? Tomorrow I'll give you some pointers.


Until tomorrow,