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Как выучить английский язык урок 4

Yesterday lesson I told you not to study vocabulary.
Today I'm going to share another controversial opinion about learning English.
You see, in my opinion...

You shouldn't study grammar, either!

Here are a few reasons why:
  1. That's not how your brain works.
    The part of your brain that learns information and the part that controls your speech are completely different. Just because you learn some rules doesn't mean that your speaking will improve.
  2. There are too many.
    There are too many grammar rules, and they're too complicated. Every rule has exceptions. A book describing English grammar fully would need to be thousands of pages long.
  3. They take too long to remember and apply.
    Even if you learn all of the grammar rules, it takes too long to remember them. You sometimes have to figure out what to say in less than a second. That's too short a time to recall all of the rules from your grammar textbook.
  4. They're incomplete.
    Most grammar rules only describe formal English. Formal English is important, but you need to learn casual spoken English too.
For all of these reasons, I recommend that you not spend a lot of time on studying grammar.
But if you shouldn't study vocabulary or grammar, what should you study? I'll answer that question in tomorrow's email. This is the big one. You don't want to miss it!

Team E4S