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Как выучить английский язык урок 2

Hi! This is Vitaly from English4success again.

Yesterday I shared my #1 English learning secret with you. Do you remember what it was?

If not, you should go back to yesterday's email and review it.

And that's my next tip:

You must review!

Our brains are lazy. They quickly forget anything that they don't need.

If you learn something once and don't review, you'll probably forget it in a day or two. By the end of the week, it's totally gone.

You're probably busy, so you have to use your time smartly. You can't practice something completely different every day. You have to spend some of your time reviewing what you learned before.

Do this, starting today:

  1. Get a small notebook. Keep it with you all the time.
  2. Every time you do something in English, write down a few notes about it.
  3. Look at your notes once or twice a day, every day.

Is that too much work for you? Then maybe you should try english4success Premium, my tool for learning real English. I built it to keep track of what you've learned, and automatically schedule lessons for you to review. All you have to do is hit the "play" button.

However you do it, make sure to review what you've learned before. And do it every day, without skipping any days.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about a big mistake that most English learners make.

But if you're interested in improving your English skill, you don't have to wait for the rest of this course to get started; check out english4success Premium
Until tomorrow,