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Mit den neuesten intel core i5 prozessoren mit integrierter ki und wi-fi 6 können sie 4k-inhalte ganz einfach erstellen, bearbeiten und teilen und ein immersives erlebnis genießen. Generation intel core i5 processors experience exceptional performance for home and business pcs, with up to 6 cores for gaming, creativity and multitasking. Intel core i3 processors featuring built-in ai and wi-fi 6, these value-packed processors deliver outstanding performance for everyday tasks. Intel core i7-920 - at80601000741aa bx80601920 bxc80601920. Official launch of the core i7 microprocessor family in november 2008 included first three members of the family - i7-920, i7-940 and i7-965 extreme edition. The slowest from these three processors, and so far the slowest from the whole i7-9xx lineup, is the core i7-920. Core i5 is a family of high-performance microprocessors for desktop pcs and all-in-one systems. The family was introduced in september 2009, and it was based initially on nehalem microarchitecture and produced on 45nm manufacturing process. Same generation of core i5s, powered by westmere 32nm microarchitecture, was released at the beginning of 2010. Core i3 is an entry-level core-branded family, positioned to compete with amd athlon ii x3x4 and phenom ii x2x3 families. First two members of the core i3 family, core i3-530 and i3-540, were released on january 7th 2010 at consumer electronics show in las vegas. The cpus are based on westmere micro-architecture (enhanced nehalem micro-architecture), and have all basic features of the micro-architecture - 256 kb level 2 cache per core, shared level 3 cache, support for simd. Core solo 2006 32 32-bit single-core microprocessor. Pentium dual-core 2007 32, 64 64-bit low-cost microprocessor. Celeron dual-core 2008 32, 64 64-bit low-cost microprocessor. Atom 2008 32, 64 intel core i9-7900x - cd8067303286804 bx80673i97900x bxc80673i97900x. Процессор (cpu буюу central processing unit гний товчлол) бгд компьютерын хамгийн чухал хэсэг гэж хэлж болно


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