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Hwmonitor pro is the extended version of hwmonitor. In comparison to its classic counterpart, hwmonitor pro adds the following features remote monitoring watch the sensors of one or several distant pcs or android devices using a simple tcpip connection. Graph generator save monitoring data and generate logging graphs as bitmap files. Pro display xdr always gives you the truest representation of your work. A p3 wide color gamut provides a color palette capable of creating the most vibrant imagery. With true 10-bit color, pro display xdr can produce more than a billion colors with extreme accuracy. State-of-the-art calibration and a sophisticated algorithm ensure that you get the highest-quality color possible. Battery meter to track battery level, temp and voltage, chart in notification. Configurable live network meter, real time network bandwidth and connections. Using argus monitor you control all fans that are connected to supported hardware, be it the fan headers on your motherboard, an aio cooling solution or an external fan controller. You can set fixed fan control values or configure control curves to control them based on any temperature source, like cpu or gpu temperature, hddssd. Монитори продажба, консултация и доставка на най-добрите цени


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